PyCode Academy

Free computer science classes and preparation for national competitions

All experience levels welcome

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About Us

We are a non-profit organization bringing free year-round computer science education to students. Our goal is to nurture students' passion for computer science and equip them with the programming and problem-solving skills that will be crucial for future STEM careers.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone interested in learning to code or taking their skills to the next level in competitions! The program is mainly for middle/high school students, but younger students with prior experience may also join. All activities are conducted online, so members can join from any region.


Beginners learn Python and students who are proficient in a programming language compete in and learn concepts for computer science competitions.  See the Classes page for more information including curriculum and times/dates for the 2022-2023 school year.

Why Learn to Code?

With the increasing role technology is playing in our lives, learning to code today is like learning to read in the 1700s. Coding and participating in programming competitions are great ways to have fun, improve problem-solving skills, learn how computers and technology around us work, and explore exciting future career paths. 


Email us at—we are happy to answer any questions.